Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Strategic Direction

Leaders Meeting 1st. Quarter (Q1) Strategic Direction 2010

The purpose of this meeting is to identify, develop and implement Strategic Direction for year 2010 and forward. Each team head or leader shall put forward the program and packages proposal for deliberation.

It is basically about how we are going to utilize our current strength to capture, excel and profit from market opportunity. It is about the faith and confident given to us by company and other stake holders and namely the customers and our network partners.

Without presence of streams of healthy and happy customers plus the networks leaders/ partners our present here are meaningless and shall not last, because they are our key enablers. Vice versa they need us too, to fulfill their dreams and aspiration as much as we needed them to fulfill ours. This relationship must continuously be nurtured for win-win situation for growth, long term present and prosperity.

So today, let’s put our brain and effort together to come out with strategy that will work and gave the results that will take us another milestone forward and be the name to be reckoned with in this industry in Malaysia within near term and then world over next.

The Agency services (commission base) industry is a rising sun industry and it is well known that performance is well recognized especially for network leaders/partners. Some of them are the gold diggers, many are miners and a few are tycoons plus vast numbers are the consumers for our company and the industry. They must be valued and recognized accordingly. Failing which please, be informed that those organization and leaders who failed to value and recognized the contribution and performance of their team had seen their performance suffers a sudden drop and ultimately lost their earning and market share. Let us learn from the mistakes and short comings of others as well as, let piggy-back on their success of some others for our own good. The common powerful statement but often forgotten “Why Re-invent the wheel – Lets Be A Copy Cat !” must be kept close to heart.

Together we must value each others’ contribution, grow and excel like no others and conquer the world in our life long good health, wealth and harmony acquiring endeavor. We are in the industry that offers opportunity to many who wanted to achieve lifelong financial achievement within means.

As, Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), I am optimists about the future and hope we are in this together. It does not matter who we are, where were from…regardless of background, what matter is reaching the ultimate destination…our Goal together, timely!

Believe me the market is always good, the time is always right, we have the best products, our team is always the best trained…if and only when we together have the right perception, drive, believe and faith in moving forward to achieve our Goal.
For the Sales Leaders, please take charge, be on track coz now is the right time, right moment and you have the right company Public First that will energize you toward success during this coming drastic turnaround program. However to be on track with the right momentum you too needed to continuously turbo-charge yours self and the team with product knowledge, market intelligent, sponsoring skill, communication & negotiation skill, time & continuous self-assessment territorial management plus financial planning. Last but not least be yourself at all times and use your senses especially the common sense.

With all that I am certain we will be in the state of total preparedness when venturing out into the market and success will certainly come our way. Thank you.


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