Friday, September 26, 2008

From Secretary to Business Owner

As a secretary she realized that she could never realize her dream of becoming rich and independent let alone be a millionaire. She tried her hand in many network organizations that promises one can be a millionaire in no times but still she was still not able to attain her dream of Financial Independent. That was 12 years ago.

As a secretary with a clear goal of taking herself and family out of situation where the cash run out before the month end, she continued searching... She was introduced to unit trust sales agency business. And with definite sense of purpose to change her life, she never looked back. Though her first month earning was only around $1K... that does not make her loose faith. She move forward and leverage on the organization leadership and training. After 5 years in the business her earning jumped to 48K a month. She was indeed happy and pleased, coz even if she stayed back as secretary and is promoted to GM in her old organization; she certainly would not be able to reach an increment that high.

Her current earning has reached 6 digits per month. With 6 digit income per month she is at the same level of some of Bank CEO in Malaysia. I saw one of her income statement showing 120++

You too can be like her!
If only you make a decision to change now!
You too can be a CEO of your own Unit Trust Sales Agency and have income like bank CEO.
If a Secretary can, you can too!
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