Monday, September 8, 2008


Want to be a Millionaire!

Millionaire is the bust word that most people want to subscribe to or wanted their name and indentity to be associated with. When we talk about millionaire, it refers to someone who had at least a million of cash in any currency (monetary term) such as Ringgit Malaysia, Brunei Dollars, Saudi Riyal, Euro, Pound Sterling etc. Of course ones can be a millionaire with Indonesian Rupiah, Italian or Turkish Lira, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Iranian Riyal to start with in their purse or wallet its o.k. Your are still a millionaire, feel and walk like any other millionaire and please be proud of your millionaire position.

Many people dream of being a millionaire in term of Malaysian Ringgit, Euro, Sterling Pound, Dollars but only some managed to attain that position. Even fewer are able to retain that millionaire position and a smaller number were able to make that millionaire grows to be billionaire. Some people dream to be a millionaire, few people work up to be one millionaire, a few even inherrited millionaire, one or two marries and be a millionaire. The dare devil even rob banks, people; those in power position and situation carry corrupt practise, a few become hire killer, some become smugglers to attain the position of a millionaire.

So, MILLIONAIRE is the most talk about word and sought after position or situation. Work, venture into business, invest in UNIT TRUST, takaful, borrow, rob or steals, marry or inherrite are ways one can be a millionaire. It has to begin with a dream. Then one need to make the decision to be a millionaire. Then set or design a plan to be a millionaire. The most important aspects of becoming a millionaire is to implement the "Millionare Work Plan". Even critical is the ACTION in order to make the thrust. Only then one is on the way to be a millionaire. Other aspect anyone want's not wish to be a millionaire must do is... see himself or herself as a millionaire in the mirror or in the dream, think like one millionaire, act like one millionaire, walk like millionaire, smile like millionaire, work like millionaire, excited like millionaire... today any one and every one be a millionaire in his or her life time. YES! you can be a millionaire in your life time!.

What you need to do is just dream you are a millionaire, Think you are a millionaire, Decide that you are the millionaire, feel like a millionaire and take action to be the millionaire. Believe it! you will be a millionaire!

Now that you have a goal to be a millionaire., you need to design the road map that will take you to be the millionaire. Then find the outfit that can take you to be the millionaire. Find someone that can drive you to be the millionaire. Get someone to guide you to be the millionaire. Find out what it takes to a be a millionaire. Most important thing is you must have the passion to be the millionaire and wait to be there. Then you must know that your are the MILLIONAIRE!

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