Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quiet Millionaires!

What's that?

I am sure many of you had receive emails and sms on - how to become a millionaire. Specifically many of those email and sms talk about how you can become " A Quiet Millionaire". It is not about a millionaire keeping quiet but rather how you can make million or be a millionaire quietly. The message basically refer to how you can make million through 3 ways:

1) Investing

2) Home business or networking.

3) Agency business

When we talk about investing - we must have a clear objective, know our risk tolerant and use the right vehicle. Do not ever get involve in get rich quick scheme. Bewares! There are so many get rich quick scheme in the market and on the internet. Some are so sophisticated and convincing. It may fool you into believing that you can make a quick gain in no time doing nothing other than introducing 2 -3 friends.

To be safe invest in Unit Trusts/ Saham Amanah / Mutual Fund and surely you will achieve your objective of becoming a millionaire.

Don't be foolish!

Go only, to the bonafide and regulated Investment institution license by Bank Negara / Security Commission such various UNIT TRUST / SAHAMA AMANAH / MUTUAL FUND companies. Go for Shariah compliance - they are more transparent on the profit and stringent in the investment monitoring and measures.

Home business or networking, popularly known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Selling. There are at one times over 800 such organization licensed in Malaysia.


There are many unlicense and those waiting for license, in operation. Some of these companies promoted a very attractive and convincing maketing plan. I prefer to call them earning plan (cheating plan). Some Malaysian prefer this MLM business. They believe they can be rich or millionaires in no time and no sweat.

They usually look only for the " marketing Plan' and new start up companies. They believe the early birds will make the big money and help them to achieve their millionaire dream. No one ever ask for the company's profile and their track record. Let alone request the profile of the management team. Every one usually so engrossed in the uniqueness of the marketing plan - both the promoter and the audiences (prospects). They focus only on the " earning potential offers by the marketing plan". MLM though licensed but not so regulated and monitored like Takaful, Unit Trusts / Saham Amanah/ Mutual Fund by the authority concerned.

Some are bonafide and good operators but you need to be prudent in doing your due diligents. Never never be taken by what the leader/introducer is presenting to you. It is common that leaders/ introducer jump ship after signing you up. Do your own due diligent. Be patient. Hold tight to your purse.Its better never than sorry.

The third is the Agency Business. It is more of a Sales Agency. This type of business operation is the domain of Takaful, Insurance and Unit Trusts/Saham Amanah industry. It is license and highly regulated by Bank Negara and Security Commission. There is minimum requirement to get into this business. These are big business with small manageable start up capital which you may want to look at. If you are serious well organised and committed you can make 6 - digit income per month. That is quiet common. 5 -Digits income is common. There are so many professional succesful in the Unit Trust Agency Business such

1. Professional Managers

2. Accountants

3. Engineers

4. Lecturers

5. Doctors

6. Teachers

7. Fresh graduates

The market potential, especially for unit trust investment is huge. The fund size not yet invested in unit trust market is around 800 billion. Only about 15% Malaysian investing in unit trust as compare to 45% and higher in Europe and Japan. So, the market is yours for taking. It is the sun rise industry.

The lowest commission going around is 2%. So the market potential is really huge. So be a unit trust consultant today and be part of this Multi- Billion Ringgit Industry. Talk of the market that one Unit Trust Consultant make RM 1 million per month. I suggest that you have a look and study this Agency Business Potential and be one of those Quiet Millionaire!

For more detail sms 0196972465.

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