Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unit Trusts Performance

Public Mutual declares distributions for 2 funds

Public Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Public Mutual declares distributions for two of its funds. The total gross distributions declared for the financial year ended 31 August 2008 are as follows

Fund Gross Distribution / Unit

Public SmallCap Fund 8.00 sen
PB Islamic Equity Fund 3.00 sen

Public Mutual’s Public SmallCap Fund which was launched in 2000, is an award winning fund, having received a total of 10 awards in its category from The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards and The Star/Standard & Poor’s Investment Fund Awards Malaysia. Public Small Cap Fund was ranked No.1 for its five-year returns in its category with an impressive return of 113.47% for the period ended 8 August 2008, according to The Edge-Lipper Fund Table dated 18 August 2008. The fund is distributed by Public Mutual unit trust consultants, while PB Islamic Equity Fund which was launched in 2005, is distributed by Public Bank branches nationwide.

Public Mutual is the largest private unit trust company in Malaysia, and it manages 67 funds for more .

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