Thursday, October 23, 2008

29 millions will loose job around the world?

The financial tornado that hit the superpower U.S, Western Europe and Australia most likely to cause 29 million people around the world to loose their job. Should this happen,easily 90 - 120 million people around the world will be without income for this coming months and years. Worst if their saving cannot sustain more than 6 months without income.You can imagine the sudden change of living style and standards.

The issue here are you going to be affected? If you normal Asian family or Malaysian family circle...this will affect the livelihood of easily another 3- 6 family members. For those who are not use to hardship like the one imposed on the Palestinian, Iraqis, Aghanis, Moro, Patanis, Kashmiris and Chechen...god knows how they going to cope with it.

The credit card culture made the life soft and easy upfront but full of struggle ...when ones is not prudents.

The doomsayer...says that the world is crumbling, recession is coming...and close to 30 million will loose jobs...meaning hard to put meals on the table. Some children might have to leave school...and more loan and mortgage going to be defaulted. Meaning more legal cases and more people will be without home or shelter...not just food.

Yes, you may blame this on the oil prices, blame it on the Arabs or Muslims ...worths blame it on AlQaida...but never on yourself!

Solution to all this issue is simple and straight forward....JUST Do Not Participate!

Yes, you do not need to participate in the unemployment!

Yes, you do not need to participate in Recession or Inflation...but How?

Yes, its that simple!

Plain simple you don't need to participate in all these recession...inflation...unemployment!
Yes, you can!


Reduce your expenses where you can..example phone calls, sms, internets, cigarettes, liquor, teh tarek, roti canai...all the eating out and the Sale Shopping!

Car pool...take public transport...walk or cycle to work!

Yes, you need to continue working rain or shine!

Dump your credit cards to the shredder...Now!

and be Mr...Madam CASH ALWAYS!

You need to continue with your business...double your effort...double your saving...double your investment...cut on entertainment, soccer and nite-clubbing and golfing.

I gurantee you...come recession ...come inflation..come financial turmoil...believe it you are not going to be affected.

To be totally free from need to take charge of your life!

Yes! take charge of your life!

To take charge of your need


Begin with....

Cutting or minimizing unnecessary expenses,

Double your saving,

Increase your investment,

Triple your earnings!

Believe in yourself!

Believe in what you do!

Believe in God!


Good luck!


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