Sunday, October 5, 2008

Intelligence is the route to Millionaire!

One of the single most important concerns of any investor - is intelligence. I do not meant IQ but real information that give any investor the edge over the others in yielding better returns on invesments. Like the talk of the world now, the turmoil that is facing 117 financial institution in the so called super economy nation of the world. That uncle sam had gone into buying foreign currency such as Australian, Swedish, Danish...++...into almost $230 billion over the last few weeks. Thats, before tabling the bail out bill for another $700 billion. These are news....should we believe? Can we trust these reports of so and so ...Wall street analyst? With over load of intelligence which is to be believed? Does the informant has any particular agenda that is not known to most investors? And why should we believed in this informant? Is our intelligence about the financial turmoil accurate? or is it purposely stated for another raid on the world economy?. we see from past experience intelligence is knowledge. Knowledge when correctly and timely applied is power.

Every millionaire rely on power at hand. Real power is derive from accurate intelligence, accurate information and accurate knowledge. As investors, the key issue is knowing what information is correct and what to believe? The timing of receiving and using this information is equally achieving the target objective.

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