Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to double your sales?

Did you know that customers love to be remembered?
When was the last time you communicate with your customer?
If you haven’t done so…please do it now! Pick up your phone and say, Hello...and smiles!

Yes, make sure you smile while on the phone… coz your customer will feel the vibration on the other side…Try This!

Or you should try sending sms, email or letter!

The issue is…what to say! Yes most of us have this problem of not knowing what to say after the prospects become customers. Well, you may say or send anything related to the business that are of value to the customers! Watch up! Do not spasm!

You may begin with sending info on…..

Market News...Fund News...Season Greetings...Thank you letter...Congratulation Notes
New fund launch...Quarterly Reviews...New Brochures
Reports...Get together session like morning breakfast...etc

Hope these ideas helps you to be in touch with your customers and double your sales!

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