Monday, October 13, 2008

Marketing Your Way to Millions

One of the fastest ways to create wealth is in climbing the business Mountain. There are only four ways to become a millionaire

1. Investments: Unit Trusts, Stocks, bonds, CDs
2. Real estates: Owning properties
3. Business: Marketing products, service or ideas
4. Internets: Expanding possibilities;

These are mountain range of wealth.

If you want to reach the summit of these mountains quickly, a million dollar profit in a year or less – you need 3 things

Dream: A clear vision and a definite “why”
Team: A network of expert mastermind partners
Theme: A million-dollar product, service or idea.

Imagine yourself in conversation five years from now. Try these words on size:

“I made my millions in Unit Trusts”“I made my millions by investing in stock market”
“I made my million in business persuading people investing in unit trust
“I made my millions on the internet?”

Which one seems right to you?

Source: The One Minute Millionaire by M.V Hansen & R.Allen

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